Guelph Coyotes

by Mark
(Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

I was walking along the Speed River looking for a short-cut downtown when I noticed half a cat, very fresh and thought this very strange.

I continued down the path and noticed this was not a human path, an eerie feeling came over me and I headed back, passing the carcass once again.

I thought somebodies dog must have done this or maybe a Bobcat.

Once home, the day's top story on the news was a Coyote sighting and at least three cats missing!

I know where these Coyotes are and know how to remove them, but not aware of laws and regulations.

What should I do ?

Another reader, Joyce, from Lakeside, Ontario,
sent us this report ....

Between August 1st to 30th we have had four cats killed right at our front door, at dawn and at night and three more hurt bad. We are still having a problem.

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by: Anonymous

You meant to tell me there is wildlife in nature? Get rid of them? A hawk could just as easily catch and eat a cat. Should we just "get rid" of them too?
I agree, people are the problem.

Coyote in Guelph by Speed River
by: Anonymous

If you checked with the local Humane Society, dozens of cats go missing every week. This happens everywhere. It's not just the Coyotes looking for a meal. Many Guelph cats die every day. At least one cat is killed by a car every single day, others injured, there are people who hate cats who hurt them and trap them, windshield wiper fluid and other poisons, stray dogs, freak accidents, drownings in pools, caught in car fan belts and cats who get accidentally locked in garages and sheds.
Leaving your cat outside is extremely risky. They need to be kept inside or supervised. If anyone loves their cats, they will protect them. You wouldn't leave your 4 year old child to fend for themselves in traffic with other animals all day.
Keep your cats safe, rubbage in secure garbage cans.
Coyotes are not overpopulated, people are.

Coyotes in Ontario
by: Anonymous

To the person who walked in Guelph and said he knows where the Coyotes are and how to get rid of them because he saw a dead cat.
They are everywhere. The education is out there. It is already known. They are not only by the river, it's been in the paper for years. Guelph is growing too fast. Wildlife has less places to go. Education is found at City of Guelph, the Guelph Mercury, The Guelph Humane Society and the Ministry of Natural Resources. Pets need to be kept indoors or supervised.
What next? You cannot take all the birds out of the sky and frogs out of the pond.

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