Guelph Area

by Smudger
(Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

I live in Guelph and walk my boxer mix dog (75 lbs) every night, after dark, deep in Guelph Lake Conservation area through the winter and yes, Coyotes follow us around the fields and bush.

I can clearly hear the yip, yip sound they make and I know they are damn close but not once have I felt threatened, maybe because I never actually see them in the unlit dark in the conservation area although I do carry a very, very bright flashlight just in case its needed.

Yes, its a little eerie, but I understand I am in their domain.

They were once so close, and the noise so loud, I actually thought it was a group of kids in the bush trying to scare us lol.

They are also there in the mornings through the summer months too, one patiently sat at the edge of the field about 6:30 am watching us walk around the field, it didn't seem scared of us at all, made no attempt at all to approach us and I certainly was not uncomfortable with its presence there.

We humans have encroached on their natural areas, we keep building on green space, forever expanding the city of Guelph and then get all freaked out when predators are then in that new urban area which used to be theirs anyway.

Use your head folks, leave 'em alone, don't feed them and let them remain the majestic wild animals that they are.

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