GTA Possum Sightings

by S. Douglas, Sylvano, Lorne, Margaret
(Burlington, Mississauga, Oshawa, Markham)

Possum in a tree

Possum in a tree


S Douglas from Brampton told us about his late night visitor ..... We had a Possum visit our deck tonight. Cute little fella too. He came right up to the glass of our sliding doors and peered in. He seems particularly interested in getting inside our BBQ. We have three dogs who wanted to get out, and seemed more interested in him than aggressive, but we kept them inside to peer out through the glass. Our little visitor seemed fearless - I tried to take a picture but the flash bounced back from the doors and I couldn't open up because of the dogs. I'll check for him in the morning.

In February, Silvano from Mississauga wrote to say ..... Saw one yesterday evening walking gingerly across my open garage door.

A reader from Burlington spotted a Possum in February and says ..... It is living under a shed, and eating bird seed that has fallen from bird feeder!

A reader from Oshawa told us ..... I just spotted a Possum in our backyard. We live in Oshawa, Ontario and back onto a ravine lot.

Lorne from Mississauga wrote to say ..... On April 2nd, it was wandering over someone's front yard in a residential area at dusk. Probably looking for something to eat.

Margaret from Mississauga told us .....I have a large Possum that visits my backyard early in the morning. She eats all the bird seed that drops on the ground from my feeder. She is beautiful - quite white - with a very ugly tail. However, she is interesting to watch. I think she is living under a bush in my backyard. There is a bad smell in the area - like rotting flesh. I hope she stays there and doesn't try my attic like squirrels have done in the past.

One of our readers from Markham says ..... I spotted a Possum this morning (9:00 am) slowly making it's way across the back yard, stopping to dig a little around some wood. Wandered through the fence and disappeared from sight under the neighbour's deck.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us and tell us about your Possum sightings across the G.T.A.

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Wife saw a Possum
by: John

My wife told me that she saw a Possum this morning, walking across our front grass at 6:45 am. Highway 407 and McCowan area.

About Possums
by: Anonymous

Possums are the next invasion from down south. The Raccoons came across the border around 1900. Seen my first one around Milton along the 401 about 17 years ago on my way to Waterloo from Toronto. Now I have been told they are plentiful in downtown Toronto. I can only hope they are not as destructive as Raccoons. One of them tore through a second story roof and left a hole the size of a football. Had a new roof put on after that ($4000)
A few other neighbours had similar problems. Spotted a possum late one night up near Thornhill. Cute alright but according to our cousins down south of the border, prolific breeders.

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