Grimsby lakeside

by Brian
(Grimsby, Ontario, Canada)

We back onto a ravine with a well-shaded creek area (Black Walnut trees, Manitoba Maples and Willows) between Lake Street and Lake Ontario in the middle of the Town of Grimsby.

Fortunately, there is a steel fence separating our backyard from the greenbelt.

Over the past few weeks (early to mid July), my wife would hear rustling in the creek area as she tended to her garden beds in the morning, mid-afternoon and early evening.

I thought she was spooked and overly sound sensitive, until she said she saw a Red Fox observing her through the gate.

Next day she said there were two Foxes, and a neighbour on the other side of the greenbelt suggested the alleged foxes were coyote cubs.

After numerous sightings and web site referral, my wife agreed the predators were coyotes, and I saw the critters today....Yes, coyotes!!!

There are at least 3 of them and they are a good size. They watched me and I watched them through binoculars.

I watched them group and forage off Southward tonight, following the water culvert undercutting Lake street.

There seems to be fewer rabbits and no cats wandering about the last week or two!!!

Coincidence? I think not!

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