Grey Wolf

by Jordyn, Crystal, Dr. Olga A, C.B.
(South Frontenac, Kingston, Spencerville, Shomberg, Barrie)

Grey Wolf??

Grey Wolf??

One of our readers from South Frontenac wrote and sent this trail-cam picture, he said ... I picked up on a trail camera recently in the woods near Collins Lake. I assume it is a Grey Wolf?

Jordyn from Kingston wrote ... I was driving on the 401 in the Kingston area and I saw a large grey animal off the highway laying on a large rock. I could have sworn it was a wolf or a husky, then I thought maybe a coyote, but it seemed too large and grey. I guess I'll never know.

Crystal wrote to say that she had seen a wolf ... I went out my front door with my spot light as I live in Spencerville, Ontario, which is a chilling of 500 people but near the off ramp to highway 401 and 416. So I go out front as late at night there is always coyotes so this was between 12:00 am and 1:00 am and I have a huge open front yard and bush all around a farm down the road and across the road is open farming fields that then lead back into acres and acres of bush and I shine a light on end and when I get to the other end with open fields I met with a pair of eye balls glowing in the dark at me. So I get my camera out but was unable to get a picture or video. I tried again I saw I was loosing him I started to make sounds out my mouth and it actually got its attention cause it stopped, looked my way and so I made more noise from my mouth but then it took off and from the distance I saw it from it was a fair size, but it was alone? So that's what made me wonder if it was a wolf. Last year I watched a wolf or timber wolf from a mile away run from a open field of snow from left side and it was fast and it went from that field, crossed the road into the other side.

Dr Olga Anonymous wrote ... On Friday night about 8:45 pm, I was in my driveway unpacking groceries from my car when I felt I was being watched. This was unusual, so I dismissed the thought. However, it continued. So, I stood up and looked to the street. Sure enough, there was an animal. It was not a racoon, it was like a dog but crouched down with legs apart looking at me. It's eyes glowed red in the lamplight, and it was making muffled sounds, not like a dog snarling. I thought it was a wolf. Fortunately, a car was heard coming on the street, and the animal trotted off. I have been warned about letting my service dog out after dark due to coy-wolves, but I have never seen one around Schomberg. I shared this story with my son who likes to go walking in the woods in the evenings but he told me there are no wolves in Schomberg. So, I thank you so much for your information and a page to leave comments. This wolf looked aggressive, so it could be dangerous, even rabid.

C.B. from Barrie, Ontario, wrote ... yesterday evening at 10:45pm, I was driving east on Essa Rd in Barrie, between Bryne Drive and the Highway 400 interchange, when an animal ran across the road in front of my car. It was light gray in colour and had a Wolf-like head, but the legs looked quite short. Its tail was long and bushy and it ran from bushes at the construction site of the soon to open Barrie BMW, into bushes opposite. Could a Wolf be living in this area?

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