Grey Wolf sighting north of Highway 7

Our Grey Wolf sighting on December 3rd, 2012 on Neil Road about 1 mile North of Highway 7 at 12 am.

The Grey Wolf was bounding across open fields and did not even hesitate and ran right in front of our car running non-stop far into another open field.

From less than 10 yards both my wife and myself got a perfect view of this large animal as it bounded up one ditch across the road in front and down the other ditch.

Both of us knew it was to big and furry to be a Coyote, which we have also seen while driving country roads.

It was a wild animal in all of its endurance and visual appearance.

It did not stop bounding until it was nearly out of sight.

Our sighting location is about 15 miles north of London, Ontario.

The Wolf was running east to west towards Ailsa Craig, Ontario, which is about seven miles from our sighting.

Wow, that must have been exciting - I drive through that area about twice a month, around the Parkhill, Lucan and Denfield area - I will keep my eyes open for any large wolf-like animals!

Thank you for sending this to us, and if you see one of these again, please let us know!

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