Greetings from England!

by Laura

Hello! My name is Laura and I'm 19 and I'm currently living in England. I discovered your page a few days ago and I have to say a special thank you for sharing all your wonderful knowledge about Southern Ontario and Canada in general with us.

I am Canadian and have visited Canada (only Ontario) several times because my mum is Canadian and all of her family live in Ontario - mainly Ottawa and Toronto. I have to say that every time I come here I fall in love with Canada a little more each time if that is possible! I have only been to Ontario in the summer but from reading descriptions on here, it sounds like every one of your seasons is beautiful and un-missable.

My mum is always complaining about the cold winters in Canada, but I really long for the snow and the crisp temperatures compared to our dull and rainy UK weather. It sounds great that in Canada you can actually have proper 'White Christmas'.

I have also been inspired by the fact that you moved from the UK to Canada when you were relatively young and have never looked back. I am longing to move to Canada, particularly the Ontario-Ottawa region. The UK is so overpopulated and overcrowded, and it feels like we have very little green space compared to Canada's vast openess. I am very much an outdoors person who prefers the country to the city and I love how Canada's scenery is beautiful, breathtaking and unspoilt. I hope to a least visit very soon if I can again, but I dream of coming to live here! I just have to persuade my family now!..

I am thankful that your Canadian experience has worked out so well for you and it inspires me all the more to fufill my dream one day of coming to live here.

Thank you again and please continue to keep up the good work on this site! It is amazing! Much love from England again!


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I love this site too!
by: Doreen

I hope you come to Canada to live some day, I have lived here all my life and I can't imagine living anywhere else!

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