Gotta Love My Job!

by Bernice
(Township of Ramara)

I work at a new housing construction site and have to admit, I'm in love with this site. I have a great range of wild life going past my model home even when I'm outside.

Just today, I had a Coy-Wolf go past the driveway while I was outside for a breath of fresh air. He stopped. We both looked at each other, then he continued on his way.

I didn't feel threatened in the least. However, once he left, my need for fresh air stopped and I quietly walked back into the house.

Of the 3 times I've seen him here, this was our first encounter while both outside. I now wonder if that will be a deterrent for him ever coming back. I hope not!

Since being here, I've had Deer, Wild Turkeys, Mink, Muskrats, Coyotes, Geese, Ducks, a lone Blue Heron and other assorted birds that enjoy the pond behind the model home.

I'm almost going to be sorry once things ramp up with construction as I fear all these wonderful creatures will move on to find other dwellings.

To-date, none of the 'furry' ones ever showed signs of aggression. Perhaps they are just as curious about me, as I am impressed about them.

I now refer to this site as my own piece of heaven.

Thank you for telling us about the wildlife where you work - I too love to watch the creatures, big and small, around where we live.

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Be grateful
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the nice story.
Is this not amazing what beautiful animals we have, nature is perfect. If we are not bad with the animals they are good with us, be grateful for an experience like this this.

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