Gorgeous Wolf north east of London

by Chantel
(North east of Thorndale, Ontario)

I had surgery this summer, so I haven't been able to ride my horse at all, after the wheat came off, I took my mare out to the field to eat the wheat stubble. We had wandered a fair distance from the barns. I had my two dogs with me as well.

The Wolf came from across the road and into the field, there was no way he could have seen us because of the rolling landscape. I assume he caught my mares scent, he was so close to us before he saw me and the dogs. Of course the dogs started the chase, and my mare went into fight mode. The Wolf ran across the field into the corn.

I don't sleep well & I've always heard Coyotes at night, but not at all this year. I haven't heard them since mid-winter, but I have heard what I thought was a Wolf at night. I thought it was just a very very big Coyote, until I googled and found this site. I'm 100% positive it was a Wolf.

I'm not far from Cherry Grove. I don't know what they are like, but something was scratching at my mares door earlier this spring, it was big enough to leave scratches 5' - 5'6" from the ground. Way too high to be the dogs, & they don't want to go in her stall anyway. I left her out one night, and in the morning she was exhausted, sweating and tore the pasture & her stall up. I don't know what was out there with her, but I've never left her out again.

I think it's awesome that there's Wolves, they are very welcome here.

We have a lot of deer, & this year we had a foxes den with 3 healthy pups that survived, they were well fed, but still didn't seem to put a dent in the rabbit population.

This is a great site.

Thank you so much for this report of your Wolf sighting - people may not believe that there could be a Wolf so close to towns, but my own daughter lives in Thorndale and she has often said that she hears Coyotes, and occasionally the howling of a Wolf.

I'm glad you enjoy my website - it is a labour of love as I enjoy writing about all that Southern Ontario has to offer!

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