Golden Eagles in Innisfil

by Cheryl-Anne Lacobellis
(Innisfil, Ontario, Canada)

I have had two occasions where I thought I saw a Golden Eagle. This time (beginning of April) I had a witness to what I saw.

My 15 and 16 year old daughters and I, were driving up Highway 11, past Churchill, in Innisfil, Ontario.

Out of the front passenger side window, we saw a large bird flying above an adjacent field. At first we mistook it for a Hawk.

As I drove, the bird started to descend and glide parallel to our vehicle. We thought it might be a turkey vulture, but the head was rounder like a hawk, and the distinct markings of the turkey vulture would have been clearly seen.

It neared the road as it descended to the field, and we could clearly see it was totally brown - and huge!

Having been told a few times by now, that Golden Eagles are not found in Central or Southern Ontario, we jumped onto the internet to check out pictures of Golden Eagles.

There is no doubt in our mind that that is what we saw.

C. Iacobellis,
Innisfil, ON

Wow, how lovely to see such a bird up close like that!

I wonder if any other readers have seen a Golden Eagle in this area?

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Golden Eagle - Innisfil
by: Catherine

OK... saw the post of the lady with her daughter driving north on Hwy 11, just north of Churchill...I believe I may have seen the same Golden! He was sitting on the pole. I happened to be driving slow and pulled over. OMG....just beautiful!!!

Golden Eagle at the split
by: eric

I was driving north towards Midland a couple of weeks ago and I'm pretty sure I saw the eagle sitting on the sign in the field on the left hand side of the split (taking the 400 ext.)

The first time I saw it I thought it was an Owl, but the second time it had its back to me and I knew it had to be a Golden eEgle.

I wasn't sure at first because I wasn't sure we had them, but after all these comments I know it has to be!

Email for any comments or anything.

Eagle in Innesville east of Yonge Street
by: Anonymous

As I was driving on a quiet side street parallel of Yonge street, I saw a bird with a wing span as wide as my car, flying towards me on eye level.

He came straight towards my car. He was after some road kill.

This bird was brown and huge.

I have seen many Vultures and Hawks but this bird was two to three times bigger, and it's beak was like an Eagle's.

The bird flew towards my car and I had to slow down, otherwise I might have hit it, he was so close. I was in awe!

When I talked to my daughter who lives in Innesville, she mentioned that she has seen this bird as well. She heard that there have been sightings of an Eagle in that area.

I can't believe it - if this is true.

I always wanted to see an Eagle.

I'd like to hear more about these sightings and are there more in this area?

I'm not sure if other people have seen this bird, maybe some of our readers have seen it and will write in to tell us.

Golden Eagle
by: Jritchie

I think it is totally possible that it was a Golden Eagle.

Maybe it was migrating - this fall 2010, out on Lake Erie near Eagle, Ontario, I thought maybe it was a juvenile Bald Eagle but it didn't have the feather markings of a juvenile.

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