Golden Eagle in Weston?

(Weston, Ontario, Canada)

Rumour has it there are two pairs of Golden Eagles in our Toronto neighbourhood of Weston (northwest Toronto).

I saw one myself right near the elementary school, it was gorgeous, but I don't know enough about raptors to know for sure what breed it was.

It was clearly a bird of prey though, with lovely wide wing span.

There is a picture of on our community website If anyone knows what it is, please share your comments on that site.

Thanks for the info - I took a look at the bird on the website you sent, and it sure looks like some kind of Hawk - maybe a Cooper's Hawk or a Red Tailed Hawk. Golden Eagles are found in more desolate places, farther North in Ontario, and don't frequent cities at all.

Nevertheless, it would have been wonderful to see!

If any of our readers can identify this bird, please comment and let us know

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