Get out of my Garage!

by Fernando Resendes
(Cambridge, Ontario, Canada)

Sorry, I know it's cold out

Sorry, I know it's cold out

I live in the North end of Cambridge, Ontario, and had a Possum encounter yesterday.

I had left my garage door open for a couple of hours and was surprised to see this creature later on in the day.

It was not startled at all with my presence, even after gently guiding it out of my Garage.

Good photos and entertaining Friday morning for the kids.

Thanks Fernando, for sending us this report and photo - I'm sure the little guy was pleased to have found somewhere warm and dry for a short while!

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Emeryville, Ontario.
by: Anonymous

We just had another Possum in our large garage! Had one a few Winters ago too. This time my husband was home and just managed to get it outside with water from the hose! Poop everywhere and had torn through the garbage bag. It finally came out right past me. So fat. like a very large rat.
Could it be pregnant this time of year? Late October?

It is unlikely to have been pregnant as Possums give birth to babies that are the size of a bean, but she may have had youngsters in her pouch, and that may be why she looked so chubby!

by: Frank

Yesterday, Saturday February 28/2015, I am surprised when open my front door and see one of these fellows at my door catching some sun. I never see this kinds of animals before - it is cute and from now on I will pay more attention to see more in the future. I love animals and always I like to spend time watching them.

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