Four Wolf Sightings in Ontario

by Four of our readers
(Across Southern Ontario)

Four of our readers have reported Wolf encounters.

One said ... Last night around midnight I heard a deep howl. Much deeper than the Coy-wolf howls I've heard before. It must have been a Grey Wolf. Heard in Mono Centre, Ontario. 18 Km North of Orangeville. Coyotes are very common here, especially this year, and certainly they have been interbreeding with Wolves. The ones that have been spotted or caught here are well over the average weight range for Coyotes.
Rebecca from Kitchener says ..... Lone wolf sighting in Kitchener tonight, May 16, 2012. Driving down River Road a Grey Wolf ran out from the woods across the road into the adjacent wooded area.
A reader from Hamilton says ..... Driving on the Redhill going up the escarpment in Hamilton, Ontario, and one was on the other side of the fence.
I've never seen a Wolf before, it was so beautiful.
Another reader tells us about their sighting ..... While out for our after supper walk we came upon a large Wolf calmly drinking water in our neighbourhood trail drainage pond. It then walked calmly down the trail. We clapped our hands and it simply looked at us. Beautiful yet alarming, we do hope it was able to venture away from our subdivision safely. We have Coyotes, regular Deer and Bunnies but this was a moment in my life I will remember.

Thank you for telling us about your experiences! I will also post this on our facebook page.


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Wolf or mixed breed
by: TH

March 2013: Spotted either a Wolf or Coyote in the yard today, ran across the frozen pond up the side of the yard, and into the woods next door.

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