Four Corners, Whitby

by Anon
(Whitby, Ontario, Canada)

Coyote Howling

Coyote Howling

This morning about 7:30am, as I was looking out the front window, I spotted what I originally thought was a dog, but it just wasn't registering properly, so I got up and had good look and there across the street walking on the sidewalk was a coyote!

Strangest thing I have seen on our streets as I am only about 3 blocks from downtown Whitby.

Glad I was not out walking my two small dogs!

Wow, Coyotes sure have adapted well to Urban life, eh!

Here is a link to a forum which talks about Coyotes in the Whitby area and also a news item about Coyote sightings further north in the Port Perry area.

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