Fort Erie Coyotes

by Lisa
(Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada)

I live in Fort Erie, Ontario, and was walking my dogs out back last night before I went to feed the horses, it was about 5:15 pm and it was running across the back towards the horses.

My dogs started to go crazy and so I ran through knee-deep snow as fast I could, dragging my poor dogs, and threw them in the house and then we went and put the horses and sheep in.

Now the neighbour's pig is missing and I am afraid to take my dogs out.

I used to live at Royal and Norseman in Etobicoke, and every year there was a family of foxes who decided to live above the parking garage!!

There is a bounty on Coyotes here!!

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Fort Erie Coyotes
by: Anonymous

What makes you think there's a bounty on Coyotes in Fort Erie? Never heard of such a thing. I would love to have hunters come up to Port Colborne way and do something about them. We have far too many. There's a group in Niagara Falls who will try to stop the culling but they don't listen to reason and care far more about the Coyotes than the danger they may cause.

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