Fishing with a buddy

by Jim Sweetman
(Lake Nipissing, Ontario,Canada)

We were fishing just south of Lake Nippissing.

This raptor flew over us and landed on this tree.

Is it an immature Bald Eagle or a Golden Eagle?

Thanks for your picture and the report of your Eagle sighting - perhaps one of our readers may be able to identify this bird.

Tell us what you think - is this a Golden or a Bald?

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by: Anonymous

This picture is not very clear but I think I detect a black stripe on the face. My guess is this is an Osprey.

confirmed by MNR Juvenile Bald Eagle
by: Jim Sweetman

Bald Eagle, Immature.

Golden Eagle
by: Barb (your webmistress)

I just found this report in the Birding on the Net website, and thought our readers might find this interesting ....... scroll down to January 11th 2011 where you will see a report of a Golden Eagle sighting.

Subject: Adult Golden Eagle, Thickson's Woods Tuesday, Jan 11, 11:15 a.m.
From: Dennis
Date: Tuesday, 11 January 2011 13:12:49 -0500

Our next door neighbour photographed an adult Golden Eagle in a tall pine toward the south edge of the woods. It flew off to the north, but blue jays were scolding more than usual until noon, so it might still have been around.

Directions to Thickson?s Woods Nature Reserve

To get to Thickson's Woods, Exit from #401 to Thickson Rd. S. Continue south
about 1.5 kilometres to the Waterfront Trail, where you will see a large green
sign on your left that says "Thickson's Woods Nature Reserve". Park along the
east side of Thickson Road and walk east along the Waterfront Trail about 200
metres to where a pathway enters the woods on your right. Trails lead through
the woods with two extending to the roadway on the south side of the woods
along the shore of Lake Ontario. The roadways in the woods are the property of
Thickson?s Woods Land Trust. Birder?s are welcome to walk along the
roadways, but please park outside the gate. Exceptions are made for handicapped
folks who are unable to walk about.

The entrance to the meadow portion of the reserve is on the north side of the
Waterfront Trail opposite the entrance to the woods.

There is a ?No Motorized Vehicles? sign immediately east of Thickson Road where the Waterfront Trail passes through the reserve. There have been times in the past when cars have been ticketed for parking in that area.

Whitby, Ontario

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