Fishing and Chasing?

by Matthew Maddox
(Port Robinson aka Thorold, Ontario, Canada)

During May 2011 I was going fishing with my friend in Port Robinson, Ontario, where I live.

We were taking a short cut through some train tracks when I spotted a Coyote staring me and my friend down, from about 50 yards away.

With no other choice we decided to chase the animal away and it ran down into a familiar part of the forest, which I know.

So the next day me and my friend went through that part of the forest and we were looking around. I noticed some large carcasses and many scattered bones in an area of flat grass around thick forest.

The area was roughly 20 yards in both length and width. We decided to leave because we figured this was some kind of breeding ground. Or at least a spot where they liked to eat.

Thanks for sending this report to us, please let us know if you see anything like this again

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