First ever Bald Eagle sighting

by Andy
(Belwood, Ontario, Canada)

On October 13, 2013, I was driving south on the 7th Line north of Belwood and came across a Bald Eagle feasting on a dead raccoon on the side of the road.

I watched it ripping the carcass apart.

At first it looked like a huge Turkey Vulture but the white tail and head confirmed my first ever sighting of a Bald Eagle.

It flew off and landed in a tall tree where it seemed to be waiting for me to disappear.

Eventually it swooped around above me and then flew off to the West.

What a thrill to see this huge magnificent raptor.

I took pictures, but not close ups so just a speck in the sky.

I have posted 3 of my pics and if you can increase the picture sizes you can see it very clearly.

I think it is time I got a telescope lens so next time I see him/her, I can get some better close ups.

It looks to me as though there must be a nest around somewhere as there have been several sightings over the last year or so in the Fergus / Belwood area.

There is an old area of hardwood forest nearby so maybe the nest is in there somewhere. Lake Belwood is very close and our property has a well hidden 10 acre pond as well as a smaller 2 acre pond and there are fish in both of them so who knows.

After 50 + years in the area, it was a true thrill to be able to add a Bald Eagle sighting to the long list of animals, birds and other living things we have seen on our property.

The last big sighting was of a Bobcat.

Thank you so much Andy, for sending us this report and your great pictures - I was able to get close-ups from the pictures you sent!

Thanks again - fabulous!

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