Fiesta & Tanglewood Etobicoke

(Etobicoke, Ontario Canada)

Sighting at 10:00 am March 11th, 2013.

I spotted a Coyote walking along the edge of the woods.

It stopped a few times, laid on its back and rolled around. I was surprised to see it at this time of the day in a fairly open area.

Have spotted coyotes in this area several times, and hear them howling at night, usually around 1-3 am.

A couple of years ago, my Pit-bull had an encounter with two of them.

The first one ran out in front of him and when my dog started chasing it, a second one came out of hiding and started chasing it from behind.

My dog had a few bites on the back of his hind legs.

My husband scared them off, fortunately no one was seriously hurt.

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