Fairly certain I saw a juvenile Bald Eagle in Flamborough

by Jacqui D.
(Mississauga, Ontario)

I am fairly certain I saw a juvenile Bald Eagle at my parents' chicken farm today. There is a small creek running in the back and it had a dead chicken in its talons.

My parents' farm is very close to the African Lion Safari and it could be that the juvie is attracted to the easy pickings - the odd chicken that gets thrown on the manure pile when my Dad goes through the barns.

I could NOT believe my eyes.

I am an avid Red-Tailed Hawk fan and there's one that flies around my parents' farm (I saw it today, too) but seeing the juvie Bald Eagle was just jaw-dropping.

I guess-timate its age to be about 1-2 years old.

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So many majestic birds and animals
by: Anonymous

We also love the Red Tailed Hawks and luckily they are now pretty plentiful all over Ontario. Also saw amazing numbers of Turkey Vultures near Ridgetown, Ontario. They of course, will glide on the thermals looking for carrion. We are fortunate to see so much wildlife here. Have seen a Wolf at Darlington Park in Bowmanville, face to face, many Coyotes and Coydogs. Moving to couple acres on a river and so happy as it will keep us busy watching all the creatures.

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