Extreme cold weather killed Possum

I found a Possum frozen to the driveway under my car.

I don`t know when it moved under the car because I didn't use the car for a few days during Christmas holidays with a lot snows.

This was in Oakville, Ontario.

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Deer succumbs to extreme elements
by: Anonymous

The weather this year seems to be causing havoc on a variety of our wildlife in Ontario. During my winter walk along the Grand on a day that registered -18, I observed a young buck stranded on a tiny island approximately 500 feet from the riverbank. He glanced over at me and then lay down in the snow as though he were resting. I found this action odd. He did not appear in distress but I did feel uncomfortable as I continued on my hike.
I suspect he must have fallen into the icy river from the bank of the mainland and struggled across the rough flowing river to reach the safety of island to avoid being swept away by the current. Usually the deer cross with ease to the other side however, with the icy conditions, the river was flowing very quickly and levels were unusually high that day.
As I left the area, I was hoping that when I returned the following day, I would find no trace of the buck. However, my worst fears were realized as I reached the Island, to find that he had succumbed to the elements. As much as I embrace her, the forces of Mother Nature can be cruel and unforgiving.

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