Exciting but scary!

by Anon.
(Newmarket, Ontario)

There have been recent articles being written in the paper, about small dogs being attacked and ripped right off their leashes, while their owner was walking them (Toronto Sun).

I have become a bit nervous of my various sighting of Coyotes - at least two and sometimes seven, and last night there were numerous Coyotes howling on the paths where I walk my dog twice daily.

My dog is a very friendly Belgian Shepherd, and that is what scares me. It is not so much the fear of being attacked, but that of her approaching them.

I live in a suburban area of Newmarket, Ontario.

I am sure you are not alone in your concerns about the Coyotes in your area. Perhaps you could walk you dog with other people, so that there would be more people, and more dogs, as the Coyotes might be less likely to approach a larger group.

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