Elgin County January 26, 2013

by J. Berry
(Elgin County, Ontario, Canada)

At around 4:30 pm I left my home to walk the dog in the fields and bush behind my home.

We live next to a gravel pit and a small lake.

One Coyote was standing on the frozen surface of the lake looking at me.

It turned and ran to the shore and up to the top of the small hill beside the lake. There, it stopped, turned and looked back at me.

I was looking right back at it. It turned and ran quickly along the top of the ridge that borders the lake.

When I went back to check its trail I noticed that it had been investigating a muskrat lodge close to the shore of the lake. I couldn't track it very well because I had my own dog with me (border collie) and his tracks soon mixed up with the Coyote tracks.

I think I saw the same Coyote about a week ago across the highway in a field. It was alone, travelling in a northwest direction at a leisurely pace.

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