Eastern Blue Bird

by Dawn
(Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada)

I was pretty amazed to see this strange bird today.

First I just saw the blue colour and thought it was another typical Blue Jay, then I thought it wasn't making any noise. Blue Jays always make their loud chirpy sounds.

I kept on looking at the bird and it had an orange breast. I tried to get a closer look and it would fly a distance far enough away so I couldn't really see it. I wasn't going to run in and get the binoculars, but I knew it would be gone.

So I went on the internet to see if I could find the bird. Moments later I saw the Eastern Blue Bird. It was the male I saw - it was very bright blue.

I then realized it was a rare bird to see here. I hope to see more in the future. I should now get my hubby to make me some bird houses for them - a bit too late now, but they would be ready for next year.

It has been a strange year - I also saw two Orioles a few weeks ago. Another rare bird I see around.

I think I see more hummingbirds, only because I grown beans in my veggie garden - they love the pinkish red flowers. LOL!

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