Early Coyote sightings 2019

by Wayne and Christine, Karen, Ryan, Jennifer, Dave, Bert, Roy
(St Catharines, Inverhuron, Ennismore, Stratford, Brantford, Chatham, Kent County, Forest, Perth)

Coyote in the snow

Coyote in the snow

Wayne and Christine said ... we were leaving work today and spoted 4 very large coyotes along the ridge. Approximately 200 meters away. My wife said "Look at the Coyotes" They looked about the size of a small deer. This was near Thorold, Ontario near Walker Brothers quarry and dump and the time was roughly 5:30 pm on Saturday February 16th 2019. They were walking along the ridge of the dump.

Karen Ballock from Inverhuron said ... this winter we have seen an increase in Coyote sighting with a group of as many as 5 walking along the lake ice on Lake Huron. I live in Inverhuron, Ontario and had one come up to the front of our house in broad daylight. It stood there for awhile and then left, but I was concerned. Lately with the more frequent sightings, I have been very aware and accompany my dog when he goes outside. We live on 7 acres of Cedar bush and there are many nights I hear them howling in the woods behind me. I am growing very concerned.

One of our readers wrote ... I just moved to Ennismore in October and now just starting to hear them, they sound so close. I have 2 big dogs that get leashed when they go out, especially at night, and it still has me worried that they will find their way to us and try to attack my dogs or even me. They seem to have less care about humans now.

Ryan from Stratford wrote ... I spotted a single individual at a full run crossing Hwy 7 in a farm field adjacent to Wildwood Conservation area. This was around 6:25 am at dawn.

Jennifer from Brantford reported ... as I was sitting on my front step May 11th, a Coyote pup came running across my front lawn. At first I wasn't sure what I was seeing but the long tail gave it away. It looked to be about 3 months old, if I go by what I know in dog sizes. She slowed down, took a look at me, and went on her way. This was in the north end of Brantford, Ontario.

Dave from Chatham reported ... I heard a bunch of them the night of February 18, 2019. I heard them and saw one on Howard Road, Chatham. In fact, when there is a full moon, chances are pretty good you will hear them in the area of Howard Road, Indian Creek Road and Bloomfield Road.

Bert from Kent County wrote ... May 23,2019 at approx. 11:15 am we spotted what looked like a coyote running across the road in front of us. We were travelling east on No 2 Hwy just east of Wardsville, Ontario. The animal was running south so very fast, faster than a dog. First time I ever saw one. At first thought it was a lean German Shepherd with a full tail but it moved so fast and smooth stretching its body full out. Impressive lucky animal.

One of our readers from Forest, Ontario, said ... three times within the last year I’ve had daylight sightings of coyotes, near the intersection of Lakeshore Road, amd Townsend Line where road number 7 meets road number 12.

A reader reported ... July 1st, 5:00 am. St. Catharines Ontario. Crossing Lakeshore road heading south down the Ravine/park near the TD Bank at the corner of Lake Street and Lakeshore ave. Lone coyote, tan/brown.

In July Roy from Perth, Ontario, said ... we hear coyotes almost every day here in the forests of Perth, Ontario. Their are big families in the area of Drummond Concession. They often howl at the dogs.

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