Eagles Nesting

by Two Port Colbourne Readers

Two of our readers sent us information about Bald Eagles nesting in the Port Colbourne area.

One says ..... There's a pair nesting on the east side of Port Colborne at the back of Inco, close to JTL Machine.

And Nero says ..... What a beautiful sight to see, a adult Bald Eagle sitting on her nest while the male soars over head hunting ..... we hope to see young Eagles soon.

Readers, please, if you find yourself in the Port Colbourne area, remember not to disturb these magnificent birds, as they will abandon their nest if they feel threatened.

Take pictures and watch from a distance, but make sure not to stress the Eagles, because, they will leave if they get stressed.

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Inco nests
by: Anonymous

Hopefully, you are right:)
But I still do believe that we should respect nature and not have a circus party in their space.
Whether we are on the outside of the fence or not.

Abandoning nests - Port Colborne
by: michelle

Thank you for reminding people to be careful.
People have become crazy with these birds. They are on the weather network, utube etc.
At any given time you can find 15 cars parked.
People in lawn chairs, kids on the roofs of vehicles, dogs etc
I commented to someone on the utube video. His resonse was they are in a fenced in area , patroled by security for the plant.
Eagles fly
Eagles get stressed
Eagles will leave
I find it very frustrating that people who are supposed to care about nature are so disrespectful to it.
It is okay to visit, take pictures etc. But please be calm, low key, and not disruptive

Eagles Nesting
by: Port Colborne Resident

I viewed the nest today on the INCO property and the mother was sitting in the nest. It was an awesome sight. I do not think there is a concern with the possibility of the nest being disturbed as the property is fenced and "no trespassing" signs are posted. These eagles picked a very secure sight.

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