Eagles in Mulmur

by Bird Watcher
(Mulmur, Ontario, Canada)

We can confirm we have seen both a Bald Eagle and a Golden Eagle. At different times of course, but last year, 2010.

The Bald Eagle came flying just over our driveway as I was out with our dogs. Naked eye I was sure, but I grabbed the binoculars to confirm. It was only just above our hydro lines. This was around March of this year.

Only a month ago we spotted the Golden Eagle. She landed on a tree on our property and was so large, and had difficulty with balance, just dropping her wings to get control after landing.

They dropped down so far that they were longer than she was tall. Then she took flight, it was awesome. By this time we had again grabbed the binoculars and confirmed, it was definitely a Golden Eagle.

We have had a nest of Great Horned Owls and of course the Red Tailed Hawks, we have had a Northern Goshawk fly into our front window while hunting a Mourning Dove. The Dove didn't survive, but the Goshawk was stunned long enough for my husband to go out and stand 6 ft from it while it gathered it's senses and took off.

We have resident Northern Harriers, which are amazing to watch hunt. They will pick off our family of Northern Bluebirds as they sit on our clothes line.

We have had a Sharp Shinned Hawk hunt at our bird feeder that sits a few feet from our kitchen window.

There are a couple of sightings we have yet to identify.

We so enjoy living in the country!

I am so envious! You are so fortunate to have observed so many interesting birds - I had no idea that Golden Eagles were in the area where you live! Thank you so much for sending us this report of your birds sightings - if you have any photographs, we would love to see them!

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Bald Eagles in Dufferin County
by: Tara

I can almost guarantee that it was for sure a Bald Eagle as we have a pair that are at our Local Marsh (I'm in Grand Valley).

We have a wide range of Birds of Prey in our area. I am envious of your property if you get such a wide range of wildlife there.

Happy Watching.

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