Eagles in Brant County

by Greg Purmal
(Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

Bald Eagle in Ontario

Bald Eagle in Ontario


Yesterday, June 21st, 2014, my family and I were driving down to Simcoe (Norfolk County) when we saw a large bird fly over our car.

We were exiting Hwy. 403 and just about to head south on Hwy. 24. We all looked up to see a beautiful Bald Eagle. We could tell because of its noticeable white head and tail.

This is the third Bald Eagle encounter we have had, as we had seen another one fly over our car back on Mother's Day (Hwy. 403, just east of Brantford).

Just after this first sighting, my daughter spied a juvenile Eagle sitting in a tree beside the 403.

Having been to the Mountsberg Bird Rehabilitation Centre, she had seen one just like it in a pen.

Being close to the Grand River, we think there must be a nesting sight in the vicinity. When we arrived at my brother's place in Simcoe, he said that there are four families of Bald Eagles nesting there, and he's seen a few down there.

According to my daughter, "You should always look up at the sky when you're driving that way because there's a good chance you'll see one."

Thank you for telling us about your Bald Eagle sightings - how exciting!

I know our readers will enjoy this as much as I did!

Also, I've added a picture.

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