Eagles from a former Eagle-ite

by Vince
(Grand Bend, ON Canada)



Yesterday, November 07, 2010, my family and I were treated to a rare sight. While driving past a field on Parkhill Road between Thedford & Parkhill, I saw what at first glimpse were large birds enjoying a feast about 50 yards from the road.

A second glimpse and I realized these two birds were not Turkey Vultures. They were larger, not covered in black and the really big one had a white head with a curved beak.

While I scrambled for my camera, my wife made a quick u-turn and we were back sitting beside these beautiful creatures.

My Canon A3100 with 4 X optical zoom wasn't the best for this kind of a picture, so I had to try to get a little closer. Mistake! The male flew first so I raised and shot. Results attached.

The pictures aren't great, but the thrill of seeing such majesty in motion was worth the attempt. They flew to a wooded area about two hundred yards away and a third eagle awaited them perched in one of the trees.

Then day that started breathtakingly ended the same way.

Thank you so much for your report and pictures - I hope you don't mind but I have moved this to our "Eagles" section - I know our readers will enjoy seeing your pictures and reading about your Eagle sighting!

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