Eagle's breakfast

by Evelyn Harding
(Sydenham, Ontario, Canada)

Eagle on the ice

Eagle on the ice

I spotted something out on the ice in front of our home, located at the east end of Sydenham Lake, just north of Kingston, Ontario, just a few days before Christmas.

I grabbed my camera which has a strong zoom lens, and was thrilled to see that it was a Bald Eagle, sitting on the frozen lake, enjoying a feed of fish.

When I mentioned it to my neighbours, they said that they had seen Eagles here in the late fall for several years.

While on a trip to the Yukon last March, I saw an Eagle in the wild. It was thrilling to see one in my own home area, here in Ontario.

Thank you Evelyn, for this report of your wonderful Bald Eagle sighting - how fortunate you are to see something like this, so close to home!

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Bald Eagle seen at Plainfield, Ontario
by: Michael Robinson

A Bald Eagle flew over my house on Moira River, in Plainfield, ten minutes north of Belleville, Ontario.

I could not believe it - it swooped down at ducks in the river.

The next day I saw the Bald Eagle again flying over my house.

Hi Michael, thanks for your report of your Bald Eagle sighting - it is good to know that the eagles are alive and well in your area! Please let us know if you see any more of them.

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