Eagles - Bald or Golden?

It's me again, I submitted the two not so good pictures of the Eagles with the Owls.

I was hoping patience would pay off, but I haven't seen the Eagles for over 2 weeks now.

Well, today is a sunny day and they were soaring over our field.

By the time I got my camera they had risen to quite a height and distance, but I got a few good ones.

I am more unsure than before, as the markings are clear but from various pics I've seen of both immature Bald and Golden .... I think I need an expert.

Hopefully someone will be able to put this to rest and let me know which they are.

I will consult with the bird person we know, next time we see them.
But that may be a while ..... Thanks.

I am resubmitting as the pics were too large.

Thanks for your submission and the pictures - lets hope one of our readers can let you know exactly what they are.

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