Eagle surprise near Pittock Lake, Woodstock

by Sara
(Innerkip, Ontario, Canada)

A friend texted me to tell me that she saw two Bald Eagles near Pittock Lake! I got in my car and parked near the lake.

My friend texted me with directions (i.e. there's a big road sign across from where they were sitting).

I found them! Two of them, sitting in a tree. I was so excited! I got as close as I could and snapped some photos.

I saw them flying, briefly, and it was magical. It made my day!!

Thank you for sharing your experience, and pictures, with us!

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Bald Eagles in Innerkip
by: Debbie

We live in Innerkip near the Thames River. Last summer and also this spring, a bald eagle has flown over our house! The one that soared over our yard this spring didn't have its white head feathers yet, but it was unmistakable. It was magnificent! Our neighbours have sighted them on occasion too, and near Chesney Conservation Area.

Pittock Eagles
by: Anonymous

We saw the one too! Exciting! I was not sure exactly what it was at first as he was at a distance. But then he flew right over us and there was no mistaking it, white head, black body, white tail. I wish I had gotten the views you had. First time seeing one!

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