Eagle sighted in South Grey County.

by Pam
(Ayton, Ontario, Canada)

Unidentified Raptor

Unidentified Raptor

We need help from all our readers who are amateur Ornithologists! One of our readers sent us this report of her bird sighting, and we need help identifying this bird.

On April 9th 2010, I looked out our patio doors and watched a bird hover in the wind. It was a very windy day here, and I watched it for some time, then grabbed my camera.

I was able to get several reasonable shots of it in the air. It also landed in the field out back and I was able to get a wonderful shot of it on the ground. The ground shot along with one soaring shot that shows the straight wings with a slight curl to the tip identifies it as an eagle. What a joy to see!!

Ayton, is in the Listowel, Hanover and Walkerton area of Ontario.

Thank you so much for your submission to our website, Pam, I hope one of our readers will be able to identify this bird. Pam wondered if there are Golden Eagles in her area, or might this be a juvenile Bald Eagle - perhaps someone could let us know!

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Bald Eagle in Neustadt area - March 2012
by: Nancy Leon-Dent

If you were at Saugeen Valley Conservation park between Hanover and Neustadt, Ontario, on March 9 to the 18th, 2012, you would see a Bald Eagle standing guard over a pig carcass - left in the centre of the farmers field - as bait for coyote hunters. The Bald Eagle has feasted quite happily - keeping the coyotes at bay without a problem.
Nancy Dent - Hanover

The Eagle is Moving
by: Anonymous

On Tuesday March 1st I saw this bird in my back field on the 7th line, Meaford.

Like you I was confused. Today, March 2nd my daughter and I saw the bird further south on the 7th line by the St.Vincent/Euphrasia town line eating carrion on the side of the road.

We got a good look at the bird at the side of the road and in the air.

Definitely looks like the picture of an immature bald eagle in my bird books - beautiful to watch it take flight.

Allen Park Bald Eagle Sighting
by: p marshall

I just spotted a very large Bald Eagle flying over Grey Road 4, between Allen Park and Hanover, Ontario.

I found this page as I was searching to find out if anyone else has spotted such birds in the area.

I have lived in the area my whole life and have never seen or heard of anyone else who has seen one.

My girlfriend thinks I'm crazy.

Well, I'm not saying you are crazy, I'm not saying you ain't - but you likely did see a Bald Eagle!

Thank you for telling us about your sighting!

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