Dorchester Bald Eagle

by Michelle Malek
(Dorchester, Ontario, Canada)

I was driving to work one day, and in the corner of my eye I noticed a hawk-like bird.

As usual I am drawn to the nature present in this area, and I assumed this was our local Red-Tail Hawk flying above.

Upon closer inspection, this creature had a white head, brown body, and a white tail. I instantly though Bald Eagle, but quickly shook my head saying aloud "No way, not in this area."

I had recently traveled to Tobermory, Ontario, where I had a couple of Bald Eagle sightings, and could not get over the fact that they looked very similar.

A few weeks later I was drinking tea, looking out my window...... and to my surprise I see the same looking bird.

I quickly yelled at my fiance to "Quickly come look!" however it was too late!

Since that experience I have seen him/her one more time, however, no one believed me, not even my fiance!

Just three days ago I was sitting at a traffic light in Dorchester, Ontario, and flying over my car was this great bird! It was much closer this time and it was slowly gliding in plain sight, as if to say, "Yes, I know you can see me!" and it was 100% a Bald Eagle.

I was so excited and captured by its beauty. I quickly grabbed my cell phone to take a picture, but he had vanished before I could even get myself organized (and the car behind me gave me a friendly honk, the light had turned green!).

I am very excited that this almost once extinct magnificent bird, is in our area. I hope that it can find places to thrive and flourish, and maybe these sightings will not be so rare to us!


Thank you so much, Michelle, for this report of your Bald Eagle sightings!

I certainly do believe you, as I have seen Bald Eagles around London, not specifically in Dorchester, but on Wonderland Road, London, on the banks for the Thames River, and also in Komoka and near Tillsonburg and Norwich.

I even saw a pair of Bald Eagles gliding around and around above me at Cherry Hill Mall on Oxford Street, London, on a clear day, and their white heads and tails were very obvious.

You tell those disbelievers that there ARE Bald Eagles in your area, and send them to this website!

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Eagles spotted today
by: Stuart

Drove out to Dorchester today and wasn't there 4 minutes before I spotted two lovely Bald Eagles soaring high in the sky. I got some great photos and stayed around looking to spot them again, they never soared again, in my view anyways, but it was incredible to see them. Last summer I spotted one in Essex as it flew in front of my car and landed on a tree next to me, lovely! I'll be back and hoping for more photos... <3 <3

Ingersoll Ontario
by: Anonymous

November 23 at 1;00 pm. - I was outside on King and Merritt Streets and heard at lot of crows making a lot of noise and looked up to see what the fuss was about and saw a Bald Eagle soaring overhead. It went to the north east, but by the time I told everyone about i , it was gone, so of course no one believed me! It was awesome to see, and I'm hoping I see it again.

Dorchester Bald Eagle
by: Alexis

Quite a sight when you see these majestic birds.

I saw my first Bald Eagle, actually three, both parents and one juvenile, west of Thunder Bay at Kakabeka Falls, two years ago.

Last year in Tampa Bay FL. I saw Eagles on two different nest. One huge nest was built on top of a cell tower.

This year I saw a Bald Eagle at Jackson's Point on Lake Simcoe, and there is one in the Rouge Valley in Scarborough, east of Toronto.

My friend in Tampa has told me the two Eagles returned to their nest on the cell tower a few months ago and have had two eaglet's since.

Keep watching for that Eagle and have your camera ready. If there's a nest near by you'll see it frequently and it will return each year to this same nest.

The weather being so mild this year, some Eagles where late in migrating. In the case of Lake Simcoe, it wasn't frozen over and with open water the eagles still had fish available, but that's obviously their territory and will migrate further south if Lake Simcoe freezes, but will return again in the Spring.

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