Dog Owner

I live in Mount Hope, Ontario, on Airport Road.

I let my dog out back of my house around 7:30 am March 12 2013 and when I came back to get her, she was pretty much nose to nose with a Coyote.

When I opened the door the Coyote ran off, and as I look to see her take off, there was at least one other Coyote waiting in the other yard, he met with the other and took off.

My dog came back in the house without a scratch, mind you, she is a 105 lb European German Shepherd and pretty much double the size of the Coyote she was nose to nose with.

That could have been a close call - Coyotes will typically try to "play" with pet dogs and lure them away that way, or seem to be "friends" with the dog, while other Coyotes wait close by.

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