Dave and Linda LeGallais

by Linda
(Ballantrae/Haliburton, Ontario)

Hello - we have a home in Ballantrae, just outside Stouffville, Ontario. We are surrounded by farmland and a golf course.

Coyotes are heard regularly in our area and occasionaly we hear the screams of an animial being killed and assume it's the Coyotes.

Sometimes we see their paw prints in the snow, which are quite different from dog prints.

They don't drag thier feet at all and seem to go in a much straighter line.

We also have a cottage in Haliburton where we have never heard, or seen evidence of, Coyotes.

However, last weekend we came upon a young deer that was obviously the victim of a pack kill.

Last night we saw some Raccoons around and during the night we heard the unmistakable sound of one being killed.

There are Wolves in the area, but they usually stay far away from the cottages.

Could we have Coyotes this far north? We would love some input on that question.

By the way fellow cottagers, please remember that the wildlife was here first!


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