Daily visit from my little Buddy

by Barry Thompson
(Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada)

Little Buddy the Possum

Little Buddy the Possum

I've had a few Possums that wander into my garage/studio through the cat door, they quite often come in even if I'm out there doing some computer work.

They glance at me then continue over to the cat food dishes and just help themselves.

They'll sometimes stay for a bit after they've eaten.

My cat (a big 21 lb) does not seem to mind them and they don't mind the cat - everybody is friendly.

They usually start their visitations in the fall and come for about 2 or 3 weeks every day, then "poof" they're gone till next year.

This all takes place in Tecumseh, Ontario, right close to Windsor.

They're great little guys and I look forward to seeing them wander in.

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