Curious Coyote?

by Tammy Johnson Mayer
(Napanee, Ontario, Canada)

The truck just before coyote encounter (on the right)

The truck just before coyote encounter (on the right)

As my little Bichon dog and I were walking along a rural dirt road near our house, we saw a truck parked at the side of the road.

A township employee was using a steel pole to clean a drainage pipe under the road, and as I came up to the truck, I saw the flash of the big white canine tail right next to us, on the edge of the woods.

I picked up my dog as I wasn't sure if the worker's dog was friendly, but it turns out he didn't have a dog!

We had startled a Coyote!

The guy's truck was idling pretty loudly, too.

Oddly, a turkey vulture was also flying low, right overhead.

Very surprising encounter.

Not sure what the Coyote was doing, but I'll bet it's the first & last time I'll ever surprise a Coyote!

I respect them as an integral part of our native wildlife.

Thanks for sending us your amusing report - I bet you and the Coyote were both startled!

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Good Observation
by: Tammy

Well said! That's absolutely true! The township worker was a little cooler, but I'll bet he'll look over his shoulder once or twice when he comes back to finish the job. I'm always watchful for coyotes because our dog is smaller.

I tend to hold her leash firmly on a walk, as I don't want to underestimate the wildness of these amazing creatures.

Still not sure if the Coyote was curious or had some food there (as the vulture might suggest).

It was so interesting seeing the closeness & interplay of everything together!

Thanks for letting me tell my story on your sight. Hope others might enjoy it, too.


I'm happy to put your submission on the website - it is information from our readers, that makes this site so interesting - I write most of it, because I love Southern Ontario, but information and pictures from out readers are always welcome! Thank YOU!

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