Coywovles on the Beach

by Candace Colling
(Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada)

I have seen a pair of Coywolves on the beach in Port Colborne off Nickel Beach several times last winter 2013 in the middle of the day. Coywolves do travel in pairs like wolves.

My next door neighbour saw one strolling across our front lawn again at mid-day, this time in the middle of the summer.

People are acting like isn't this great, its not,they are a very dangerous predator.

They attacked a man and his little dog on Nickel beach last year. He managed to beat them off with a stick, they almost killed his little dog, ripping it to shreds.

A group of Coyotes killed something on the side hill of my other neighbor's property last fall, it was a terrifying sound to hear.

I can't relax in my own yard, my dogs can't run and play in their own yard.

A coyote attacked a woman and her dog in her own back yard last year on Loraine Road, which is a mile from my home.

I thought I brought my two small dogs to paradise, instead half the time at night they won't even go out to pee. They are so scared.

I have made a fenced in area for them, with a 6 foot wrought iron fence, (Coyotes can climb chain link fences) and I stand at the door with them when they go out, but they are still often terrified to go out.

I even bought a large German Shepherd who is very protective of them, who takes care of them and goes out with them, and they are still scared.

Coyotes are beautiful animals, but they are dangerous and killed a women a few years ago in B.C.

In Toronto, my lawyer's family was having a party with over 40 people in the back yard, a coyote jumped the fence and made off with the family dog, right in front of everyone.

Please be careful and mindful of where you go hiking and always keep you dogs on a leash.

Check youtube if you don't think they are an issue or a danger, there is a lot of video's on Coyote attacks.

Be aware, and be safe.

Thank you for your report Candace, you have good points and I hope our readers take your advice.

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