by Linda Tough
(Norwood, Ontario, Canada)

I spotted this big guy just east of Peterborough, Ontario, on February 10th, 2018.

The animal was larger than a Coyote, but displayed similar marking around the face.

It was spotted following the deer paths in the field beside me.

A couple of days prior, neighbours had a deer taken down in their front yard during the day.

I'm very curious to know if this may be a wolf / coyote hybrid?

Thank you for sending your report and great pictures.

I will also post this on our facebook page so that our facebook friends can also enjoy it.

With luck one of our readers will be able to identify this animal for you.

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Out in ennismore
by: Anonymous

I live out in Ennismore since October and now just starting to hear them. I hate the sound of them at night when out with my dogs, I can never tell how far away they are or if they are headed our way.

by: Anonymous

It's carrying it's tail up, it is most likely a Wolf.

by: Brian

Hydbrid (Coyote/Wolf)-the ears are short and the head is large, along with a heavier build than an actual Coyote. There are lots of them in southern Ontario now.

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