by Kayla Murdock

Today as I was walking to school with two of my friends, we were walking through a trail in a forest leading to our school.

Anyway, we were walking when I noticed a light brown greyish looking thing.

At first I thought it was Raccoon but it was obviously not, so then I calmly said to my friends "We need to go the other way cuz I see something and I'm not sure if it's a Coyote or a Wolf".

I spotted this wild Coyote-looking thing at Glen Erin, on the College Way (Mississauga Ontario)

So now we have to walk a really long way to go and to get back from school.

Thanks for telling us about your encounter - it probably was a Coyote or a Coywolf.

It is highly unlikely that this creature would be a danger to you, but if you do travel through that area, make sure you make enough noise that the animals know you are there.

In Ontario there were 13,000 Emergency Room visits because of domestic dog bites in 2011-12, whereas, the biggest danger from Coyotes is to dogs and cats.

Just be cautious when going through wooded areas and always walk with friends - this will help keep you safe from anything in the woods.

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by: Once a Mississaugan

I used to live in Mississauga close to that area, for 9 years I have not seen nothing like that. Many people do not know but there are a lot of deer in the area of Credit River. My partner told me he saw about 15 Deer one day from the 401 Highway looking South from the Eastbound lane. It was hard to believe when he told me that. I thought not in Mississauga, its a city. But yes, one day I did drive on the Eastbound lane looking South I just could not believe my eyes. Lots of Deer! It was amazing. So one day take notice of
the Deer they come out early morning or early evening. Let me know if you see them. You will be amazed knowing Mississauga has so many deer and it is a city!!!

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