by Melissa

In the past three months, I have now seen three of them.

I live in Milton, Ontario, right beside a gas line field.

One night I was playing with my dog in the field when she suddenly stopped and stared at something behind me, I turned around and less than 10 feet from me was a Coyote.

I jumped and started yelling for my dog to come to me.

The Coyote just sauntered off continuing it's path along the gas line.

About 3 weeks ago I was playing golf at Saw-Whet Golf Course on Highway 25 when a Coyote came bounding across the fairway right in front of us ... amazing they don't seem bothered by humans at all.

And just this past weekend, I was driving home along Highway 25 when out of nowhere comes a Coyote in front of my car.

I ended up hitting it and it just continued to run - however it caused extensive damage to my car. I do not think he made it much farther.

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