Coyotes yipping in LaSalle

by KA
(Lasalle, Ontario, Canada)

My husband and I were running in a residential neighbourhood last night between 7 and 8 pm, and heard the distinct 'yipping' of Coyotes.

We guessed that they were in the treed area east of Malden Road and south of Suzanne Street.

There were reports of small dogs being attacked and killed by Coyotes last summer about 6 km south of here (in a scarcely populated area), but this is the first time in we've ever heard them so close to an urban area.

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Because of the Park Way?
by: Anonymous

Last night, my neighbour reported Coyotes around my garage area. We live on Stuart Blvd. I'm concerned, we have three dogs, two little ones, and yes they're known to attract and kill.

Coyotes in LaSalle
by: Uncle Ian

July 14th, 2011 ~9pm

I was on International and Mayfair doing yard work.

It was about 100m away in the woods / bush.

First I heard one, then another, then another, then a fight broke out.

They attacked something and put up a loud fight.



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