Coyotes stalked us in Pond Mills Conservation area

(London, Ontario)

Sunday October 30 around 2:30 in the afternoon a friend and I were walking my two female, intact Australian Shepherds in the Pond Mills area of London, Ontario.

I often go there alone with my dogs. One of my dogs ran off chasing something, so I called her back and told her to stay with me. She came back but still looked pretty excited.

I had to keep reminding her to stay with me when ordinarily she heels off leash without reminders. As we went around the next bend in the path we heard a bark (not a howl) from about ten feet off the path into the bushes.

We looked up and it was right there. It was a coyote the size of a full grown German Shepherd.

We quickly leashed my dogs and started walking away. It seemed to want to get to the dogs, but didn't want to come near us.

We were about 2 km from the car, at Commissioners Road and Adelaide Street, and after about a kilometre we saw another one following us. It was smaller; more fitting the descriptions we've found: presumably its mate?

It followed us in the bushes as long as it could, but while we had to take the path around the bowl that used to be the dump, the coyote cut through to cut us off, while the mate came up behind.

When my friend faced it it wasn't easily intimidated. It would back up a few steps, but then come forward again. We got back to the car safely, but I'm sure we won't be walking the dogs there again.

Wow, that is some story - I'm familiar with that area of London - be cautious and careful when you are out with your dogs!

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