Coyotes on Patrol North of Hamilton

by Jay
(Flamborough, Ontario, Canada)

I live in a subdivision north of Hamilton and I have seen three Coyotes during the day in the last month or so.

Most recently my wife and I saw a large Coyote (looked 40-50lbs and tall) in the field behind our house.

He wasn't in a hurry and I was able to get good close up look with my Binoculars. He was much bigger then the others I have seen. This was at 2pm on Sunday February 10th.

Also it's quite apparent that one is patrolling the back of the house in the night, based on tracks I see in the snow. I can understand as it's the middle of the night but is it common to see them out mid day?

We have little kids and I am considering getting a nice family dog that is big enough to deter any Coyotes from coming in from the field. I know small dogs would be more of a lure so perhaps someone can recommend a medium -large breed that might help us rest easier if the kids are outside playing?


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Great Pyrenees
by: Anonymous

These dogs would need the proper collar on to protect them from these coy-wolf hybrids canine teeth. In Europe the sheep farmers over there make sure their dogs have on the proper collars, ones with spikes on them to protect the dog's throats from wolf or coy-wolf attack bites. But still, one dog likely can not defend itself if a pack were attacking and mauling it, but it would give its life to protect your children, for that defense, you should do something for the dog, by trying to protect it and keep it safe.

Coyotes in Southern Ontario
by: Beth

They are big [!] but Great Pyrenees are wonderfully protective, especially with wolves/coyotes. etc., as that is what they are bred for ..... protecting their sheep from predators. They also bond well and love their humans. Good luck.

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