Coyotes Off Front Road

by Anon
(Lasalle, Ontario, Canada)

I live off Front Road and in early spring when we still had snow in the ground, we heard (what had to be) 3 - 5 Coyotes behind our house in a wooded area killing animals through the night.

One evening at dusk 3 came up into our neighbour's back yard to check out my full grown Golden Retriever (80 lbs).

We got him inside but we don't use our back yard in the evening anymore and we have a two year old and fear the boldness of these hungry and fearless animals.

I have heard others who say they have seen Coyotes in plain daylight at midday running down the middle of populated neighbourhoods.

This is becoming a problem.

I contacted the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and haven't heard back for over a month.

I think you are wise to be cautious and think you should contact the Ministry of Natural Resources again to ask what you should do.

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