Coyotes of Mississauga

by Your Webmistress
(Mississauga, Ontario, Canada )


Below are several of the Coyote sightings from Mississauga in the past few months ...

One of our readers from Erin Mills, Mississauga, reported ... Erin Mills Mississauga. My daughter called tonight at 11:55. She was awoken by many Coyotes obviously in the middle of a hunt. She said the noise was awful and thought they were in her living room. The neighbour shone flashlights but they had already gone and all was suddenly quiet again. She was very frightened as she's heard yipping and howling many times but this was like a growling and snarling frenzy about 10 feet or less from her bedroom window.

Another reader said ... Indian Grove and South Sheridan Way ...spotted an extra large grey Coyote with large Wolf-like face spotted three times in the past two weeks in my rear yard. Also found white and sand colored cat fur back in May 2016 and again grey cat fur in Aug 2016 in my rear yard. I learned that the City of Mississauga does not collect dead cats nor do they do anything about Coyotes other than monitor their whereabouts. I VOTE to ELIMINATE the ANIMAL CONTROL DEPT BUDGET as we don't need to hire people to stand around taking notes. Residents have already taken notes and we don't need duplication if there are no planned action steps. Residents agree with reducing taxes and WASTE at City Hall.

McCauley Green Park, 403 and Erin Mills, two Coyotes at least in the McCauley Green Park... heard for 5 minutes like if they were in my living room.

Mineola East ... Yipping and barking and howling by about 5 coyotes in our garden around midnight.

We heard barking and howling four times last night just after 11 pm. Lasted about 10 minutes

East ... Coyote in our backyard growled at our neighbour. This was an evening in mid December.

Coyote running along the road 4 houses in from Hurontario.

Monday night I was listening to the freezing rain splatter on the windows. The house backs onto the Osprey Marsh. I first heard what I thought was a cat wailing ... then shortly dogs yipping. It was over soon.

Three Coyotes lure & attack our 2 medium (70 lb) dogs (am)- both are alive, one has had surgery and is recovering but will make a full recovery.
(was bitten in the back left) this happened at Fieldgate & Eastgate power-line corridor/greenlands.

Coyote sighting at Windy Hollow ravine ... 9.00 pm Coyote walked by back door of house South Millway. People, watch your pets in the backyards when you let them out before bedtime.

A Coyote killed our 9 year old (13 pound) beloved dog this morning in our backyard, at Kane / Mississauga Road and Indian Road. People please, please be vigilant – we spoke to our neighbours to inform them and will post flyers in the hopes this doesn't happen to any other family.

Mineola east – we saw a Fox one night and a very shy Coyote the next.

A sympathetic neighbour wrote to say ... I am sorry, home owners and dog owners are having so much trouble with the local wildlife. I wonder if the answer isn't to kill Coyotes. Lorne Park and other neighbourhoods immediately off the Credit River Valley are extremely close to wild life so might want to adjust to that fact. If you choose to live near wild areas, then it is natural that wild life will be very close to you. If you want your pets to be safe, then keep them safe. Either get larger animals, or go outside with your pets. And please, to respond to one posting about baby safety – don't let your babies and small children outside without supervision!

Multiple Coyote sightings ... Thurs February 2 2017 – 3 separate Coyote sightings around 10:45 am in the woodlot between Angela Crescent and Orr Rd. 2 adults and one juvenile. They were travelling individually and not in a pack ... all within 5 minutes of each other. All 3 used the same path that runs parallel to Orr Rd. Animal Control was notified.

We see individual coyotes several times a day walking behind our house by Loyalist creek (between Fifth Line and Erin Mills Pkwy). Very timid. We have dogs and always watch them in our fenced in backyard to be safe. Keep watch everyone for your pets and little ones and we can all coexist together safely hopefully!

See Coyotes all the time along the lake. I am walking alone early in the morning and have scared them off with hazing. Do not spread irrational fears about potential attacks on humans. Keep a watchful eye on your dogs big or small because Coyotes will kill the small and fight if threatened with the larger dogs. Stop viewing them as killers and acknowledge the fact that they have now become part of our surroundings . Educate yourselves.

Glad to see people are beginning to be supportive of the Coyotes. If we just learn to keep our small children and pets close and supervised, we can co-exist with them in harmony. And please people, keep your cats indoors. Indoor cats can be just as happy as outdoor cats if you set your home up to be cat friendly!

Spotted big Alpha in Clarkson close to town homes ... We generally see Coyotes in this area back right onto the railroad tracks to go perpendicular with Clarkson between Winston Churchill and Southdown Road. Usually in the early morning hours wait around on you can see some on the track but today at 3 o'clock in the afternoon I was coming home from work and the big Alpha crossed my path he seemed not real timid but he did speed up slightly to get past me, seemed quite docile. In late August to early fall we see the local pack taking the young pups cutting through the back green space through the tree line to try to get to the barracks and cross Bromsgrove to their den. Last year when they would poke out of the tree line I would smack my rings on aluminum baseball bat and they would cower back in that would go on for 1 to 2 hours you're being quite cautious was really interesting and most of the people that reside in the barracks for shooting video just loved it. These animals are still just trying to survive in a row urban landscape.

Thank you, dear readers, for taking time to write to tell us about your Coyote sightings in Mississauga.

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