Coyotes near Owen Sound

by D.J.
(Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada)

We live on a large farm property in the Owen Sound Area. Last year we heard Coyotes in the area but never saw them.

This year we have heard more howling than last and have seen on different occasions five coyotes.

These were all broad daylight sightings. These are definitely Coyotes and not coy-dogs.

They have killed one deer fawn this winter, though not eating it, just gutting it. On one occasion they were within 50 yards of me.

Today I witnessed a Coyote stalking deer in our front yard.

When the deer ran off, a Coyote I couldn't see (but quite close) howled, followed by the one I was watching howling back.

Unfortunately I missed.

I believe that given the ever increasing number of Coyotes, and the diminishing numbers of small game (haven't seem any rabbits all winter), the Coyote population is beginning to outgrow it's food source, it will then be less discriminating on it's choice of prey.

Keep your small dogs, cats and children close at hand.

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