Coyotes like the GTA

by John
(Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada)

Woodbridge definitely has a lot of Coyotes.

I think they are great, I've seen them chase deer, crossing roads and often they come to visit my German Shepherds.

Ya, cats disappear often, but if you don't like it, bring your cats inside in the night.

I've run into Coyotes many times while going on nature walks in nearby fields and woods.

They never gave me any problems!

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by: jeff ,m

Coywolves love to eat all dogs, small and large !

What about small dogs?
by: Anonymous

I love all wild animals, but you say "ya cats disappear" so don't let them out at night, but what about small dogs?? I'm sure you love your german shepherds and I'm sure they go to the bathroom outside, well so do small dogs. Are we to keep our small dogs inside at night too and not let them go pee?

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