Coyotes killed our small dog in our backyard in Lambton County

by Chris
(Warwick Township, Ontario, Canada)

We live in rural Warwick Township, Lambton County. April 4, 2013 we let our 2 small Shih Tzu dogs outside just before 7am.(it was NOT dark outside.

One of the dogs came screaming back to the door a minute later. Our kids saw several Coyotes running around our back yard. I rushed outside yelling to scare off the Coyotes, but our one little dog could not be found.

I am scared - what if one of my kids had been outside ?

Over the winter several large holes have be dug in the landscaping surrounding our house (Coyotes digging for mice hiding around the stone landscaping).

Last summer I was awaken in the night by Coyotes howling IN MY BACKYARD!!

The Coyotes are obviously not scared! There are too many in this area. Sightings are very common. The coyote population needs to be decreased! Why isn't something being done?

I'm so sorry, Chris, that Coyotes got your little dog, that must be heart-breaking. Other than reporting this to your township office, and / or the MNR, I'm not sure what you can do.

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Get a Livestock Guardian Dog
by: Anonymous

I am so saddened to hear of your loss :( I lost my adult golden retriever right by my house, in broad daylight. The Coyotes that killed my golden kept coming to my house after the dog was dead. I invested in a Slovensky Cuvac and a Great Pyrenees, both are Livestock Guardian Dogs capable of effectively defending against coyotes. The Coyotes stay away from my house now.

Coyotes in the Backyard
by: Anonymous

Very sorry to hear of your little dog being taken by coyotes. It was just over a year ago they almost got my little guy in my backyard and I live in an urban area, Brampton. All people (both urban and rural) need to be aware that coyotes will snatch their little dogs and cats and if they are really desperate, they will take on larger dogs as well. Then we must act accordingly. I had my warning and since this episode last year, my two little dogs are never out alone in my backyard.

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